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Ernst Engineering Portfolio

Vista Ridge Filing 1B-a, Erie, CO
Construction defect repair and litigation support 2007-2012

Five year $42 million dollar project consisting of an existing residential subdivision comprised of single-family golf course homes that were that were experiencing adverse foundation movement and cracking, with driveway and garage floor heaving due to swelling soils and poor site grading and drainage.

  • Ernst Engineering was the civil engineer on a project team that consisted of various geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, groundwater scientists and attorneys.
  • Ernst Engineering provided assessment of existing condition storm drainage and site grading deficiencies in the residential area of the subdivision, greenbelts, and the golf course. Ernst provided design services for
    corrective civil repair plans for these areas.
  • Each home foundation and structural system was repaired and restored in place. To do this, the foundations were fully excavated and temporarily structurally supported. Then new foundation pier systems, some with drill depths greater than 100', were permanently installed to securely support the homes.
  • Ernst Engineering generated new lot grading designs that were required to accommodate the existing homeowner landscaping requests. The new grading designs ensured conformance with drainage engineering criteria. The lot grading designs involved extensive detail and documentation by Ernst to meet the project litigation requirements. After the grading and drainage work was completed, the lots were checked by collecting detailed survey data that was reviewed and professionally certified by Ernst.
  • Ernst Engineering provided field construction observation services and attended weekly construction meetings with the construction management team and contractors. Ernst tracked project engineering and construction activities and distributed a civil project organization chart for each meeting.
  • Ernst Engineering coordinated with the project legal team, providing extensive civil engineering analysis exhibits and Certificate of Review documentation for courtroom use during the trial portion of the construction defect lawsuit.
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Ernst Project
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