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About Ernst Engineering

Ernst Engineering provides exceptional
civil engineering services to our clients

Ernst Engineering's main objective is to keep our client's project goals at the forefront of all engineering design and planning decisions.

State of the Art Efficiency and Accuracy

We have a team of civil designers and surveyors with many years of combined industry experience that use the latest civil design software packages to efficiently deliver designs and construction plans that are accurate and cost effective.

Ernst Engineering has demonstrated great efficiency regarding civil plan production on projects with large plan sets by incorporating AutoDesk Civil 3D. The design work done in Civil 3D is automatically transferred and updated to company sheet sets with minimal drafting effort required. This not only expedites the plan production process, it also eliminates transposition errors that can occur migrating from design drawings to final drafted product. An additional benefit in using this workflow process is that the final plan sheets are automatically updated should the design requirements change or need to be revised later.

Quality Control and Constructability

Constructability is a project management technique implemented at Ernst Engineering to identify potential project obstacles during the design phase. This is done to prevent possible delays and cost overruns during the construction phase.

Constructability is a reflection of the quality of the design drawings. The design drawings must be very clear and accurate in their presentation of the required construction design data in order to achieve a cost effective and timely construction process. Professional quality controlled design drawings also help immensely in the required jurisdictional design review process.